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Mar 4 2019

Conferencing technologies to save time – BT Business

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Getting to meetings is becoming increasingly difficult. Budgets are tight so business travel is getting tougher and more tightly controlled. And commuting is ever more stressful. With all of these issues, it isn’t easy to get the right people to attend your meetings.

In a competitive market, we need better collaboration and faster results. We need to get full value from our interactions. We need to walk away from meetings with clear next steps and agreed actions. We need to do more with less.

At BT, we use smart technology to make people more effective.

Instant meeting rooms are always ready for you. There is no need to book or reserve, you can bring people in on the fly and let them join from anywhere in the world: from other countries, from home, or even from the road. Our technology makes for better interactions with less noise and other frustrations. You can control your meeting environment by muting people that bring noise into your environment.

The unique technology we have at BT means you’re able to switch between platforms to suit your requirements, even as they change. You may begin with an audio meeting and escalate, on the fly, to web conferencing. Or go to our video room for an even higher experience.

At BT, we’re not only a trusted brand, we work really hard to make things easier for you, providing all the elements you need to collaborate more effectively.

As well as intuitive best-in-class products we also have an extensive selection of training and help services, available online or live, at your convenience.

Welcome to BT’s integrated collaboration portfolio, with audio conferencing, web conferencing, and video conferencing, plus streaming.

We bring it all together to make it easier for you.

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